Before Pregnancy

Rolfing can aid the body gain balance and ease, creating stability and integration to cope with the changes that will occur during pregnancy.


During Pregnancy

As a practitioner I recommend that you avoid deep tissue manual therapy in the first trimester.

During pregnancy hormonal changes create muscular and ligament relaxation which prepares the soon to be mothers body for labour. These changes and the added weight of the child create discomfort and pain that may take on various forms – lower and upper back pain (including shoulders and neck).

As the pregnancy progresses and structural changes become more apparent Rolfing can work towards assisting the body to find greater ease and comfort in these new found adaptations. Rolfing looks to bring all segments of the body into alignment, thus creating functional ease.


Post Natal

Pregnancy and the birthing process can take a toll on the new mother’s body with physical changes and trauma possible consequences. Rolfing treatments can support the mother’s body through the recovery process making the transition period as comfortable and easy as possible.