Useful Links and Resources

Useful Links and Resources



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What is Scoliosis?

What is your Posture Pattern?

Anatomy of Posture



Please note that all these downloads are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.


Structural Integration: Origins and Development, by Certified Advanced Rolfer Eric, Jacobson, Phd. | download |

Structural Integration, and alternative method of Manual Therapy and Sensorimotor Education, by Certified Advanced Rolfer, Eric Jacobson, Phd. | download |

Rolfing for Work Related Repetitive Motion Injuries by Certified Advanced Rolfer Siana Goodwin | download |

Chronic Lower Back Pain Case Study by Certified Advanced Rolfer, John Cottingham MS, PT, and Certified Advanced Rolfer, Jeffrey Maitland, Ph.D. | download |

Pelvic Inclination and Parasympathetic Activity – Article by John Cottingham, Stephen W Porges and Kent Richmond | download |

Effects of the “Rolfing Pelvic Lift” on two age groups – Article by John Cottingham, Stephen W Porges, Todd Lyon | download |

5 year study of Rolfing from UCLA, Department of Kinesiology – Sponsored by the ROLF INSTITUTE of Structural Integration | download |



Soft Tissue Therapy: What is Rolfing? With Nick Barbousas | fx Medicine |