Neck Pain and Poor Posture


Posture and movement occur through an interplay between muscle, nerves, and the brain.

As neck pain develops there appears to be a reduction in our ability to properly place and correct head and neck posture towards a more neutral and therefore balanced position.

With poor posture and neck pain, a Forward Head Posture is usually present.

Although it has its own classification we can usually see this pattern within most body types. The positioning of the head, neck, and shoulders can be seen as the consequence of changes that occur not just between these structures but also from below.

The head is attached to the neck (cervical spine), which is attached to the upper back (Thoracic Spine), which is attached to the ribs, and the lower back (lumbar spine).

By virtue of skeletal and muscle attachments, by altering the position of the head you are in effect changing how the rest of the body functions.

Correspondingly, this can be reversed to read that, …what is occurring below can have an affect on our posture above.